Design the world you want

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      Der Kurs findet statt vom 10.06.-22.06.2024.
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Design the world you want

Empowering educators, enriching communities This isn't just a course; it's a mission to ignite change. We're uniting a diverse group of individuals, from local leaders to global permaculture enthusiasts, for an intensive 10-days journey into the core of permaculture. Covering topics from soil health to urban permaculture, our aim is to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to become agents of change, whether in educational settings or within your communities.

Course language is English!

Learn from the land, teach for tomorrow

This course is for:

  • Interested local multipliers from surrounding communities who want to become permaculture ambassadors. These are selected representatives of the communities, willing to train others and expand permaculture networks.
  • Also internationals with previous permaculture design knowledge are welcome to participate.

A fusion of local insight and global perspectives

Through this unique course you will also learn the intersection of local knowledge joint with international perspective aiming at empowering those tackling environmental challenges on day to day basis. Your participation contributes to a larger movement reshaping lives and landscapes in Ghana and beyond.

The intensive 12-days course will include the following topics:

  • Permaculture Ethics: Earth care – people care – fair share
  • Permaculture design principles will be explained, observed and illustrated in a series of group sessions at a house and garden remodeled to reflect permaculture sustainability principles.
  • Broad scale site design – functional design development
  • Designing own home/kitchen garden

Beyond sustainability

  • Learn different techniques to observe and interact with the environment
  • Natural patterns: designing micro-climates-Soils, water, plants and animals
  • Trees and their transactions
  • Creating resilient food forests
  • Social permaculture, building networks

We design the world we want

  • Renewable energy and natural building
  • Designing our green homes and communities through permaculture
  • Alternative economics
  • Understanding product processing and preservation
  • Restoring nature through permaculture design and design for resilience against disasters
  • Outcome of the training: participants design project, designed map presentation and graduation


Lead: Linda Kabaira von SCOPE Zimbabwe, GEN-Africa

Elham Waare vom Ghana Permaculture Institute, Linda Limbadega und Akwasi Selase von GEN-Ghana, Akwasi McLaren von Ghana Instinct


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